Colette Moneta - 3/4 Sleeve in Burgandy

Secret pajamas I tell you, this dress is like wearing secret pajamas to work!  The Colette Moneta Dress is a fantastic pattern, and it is super easy & quick to stitch up!  This is actually my third Moneta (I'll share the other two eventually) but the first one I've made using my serger.  I actually made this dress in early October and it's a regular in my work wardrobe, I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of it until now.

I seriously can't say it enough - this dress is crazy comfortable, and also quite flattering!  The pattern comes with several variations, so it can be made appropriate for all seasons, in a variety of knit fabrics.  If you haven't tried this pattern yet, I urge you to go pick it up!  I believe Colette also has a few pattern hacks for the Moneta as well.

This was also one of the first pieces of clothing I used a twin needle on, and the finish it gives is just so great.

The only problem with this dress is that I didn't have my serger tension set properly and was only using 3 threads instead of 4 (due to some terrible advice by a lady in my local Fabricland), and you can see the stitches at the seams :( 

Dang!  I also only had one colour of thread in my serger, and have since bought more, and now have this dress sitting and waiting in my 'to mend' pile.  I can still get away with wearing the dress with a cardigan, and it seems to hold up fine through the wash.  

Initially I wasn't sure what my problem was, so I turned to Threddit (the sewing subreddit) and the folks over there were able to help me out.  I have found that subreddit to be such an awesome resource for sewing tips, tricks, problem solving, and of course sharing finished projects.  

Also, despite the whole seam issue, I think the dress turned out great!  I'll absolutely be making more of these - you can never go wrong with too many secret-pajama outfits!

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