Carolyn Pajamas - Shorts With Some Serious Cattitude

These shorts are totally the cat's pajamas!  From Closet Case Files, the Carolyn Pajama Pattern is perfect for sewing up a classic matching pj set.  I'm not really in need of a new matching set (nor do I have the perfect fabric for one yet), but I did have some of this adorable knit called 'Cattitude' by Lizzie House.
Seriously adorable.  My husband definitely thinks I'm turning into a crazy cat lady... ah well!

Anyways, I know the pattern calls for woven fabrics and not knits, but I was wanting to make some super comfy sleep/ lounge shorts.  As I write this, I'm sitting on my couch, wearing these shorts.  Happy Saturday morning!
This pattern was really easy to follow (even the faux fly front!) and I had myself a new pair of pj shorts in under an hour.  Well, sort of.  I totally busted my twin needle partway through and went out to Fabricland to pick up a new one.  Those things aren't cheap at $15 each!  All in all, total sewing time was probably under an hour.
I used a zig-zag stitch on the faux-fly for maximum stretch :)  These are pj shorts after all!  I happened to have the exact colour thread AND one lone button in my stash which perfectly matched the cat's cheeks!  Eeep!  I love it when things work out like that.

Another great thing about this pattern is that it has pockets!  You can't go wrong with pockets on anything.
While these shorts are super comfortable, they did end up being a little on the big side.  I failed to take into account that there would be much more give with the knit fabric than there would be with a woven (which was dumb... since the whole reason I was using a knit was for the stretch) and I should have sewed one size down that I otherwise would have using a woven fabric.  Not to worry though, since the elastic waist keeps these suckers up.  I also totally botched the top-stitching.  It is pretty craptastic.  I started on it, and it wasn't looking great so I stopped and tried to un-pick the stitches.  Well, that was WAY more trouble than it was worth, so I just pushed through and finished it up anyways.  These are only pjs after all!

I would definitely recommend this pattern.  I haven't given the top a try yet, but the instructions are clear, so I don't think it will be too difficult.  I just have to get over my issues with buttonholes.  I'll be checking out the sales at Fabricland to pick up some nice quilting cotton for a new matching set for sure.  

If you have any comments of questions about the shorts - please leave them below!

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