Elodie Wrap Dress - Maternity Edition: Closet Core Patterns Tester

Another blog post!  And another test for Closet Core Patterns - the Elodie Wrap Dress!!  This is the first pattern released since their name change from Closet Case Patterns to Closet Core Patterns, and I'm pretty excited to be a part of it.  (Note, I have gone back to edit my post for the Blanca Flight Suit with the new company name).  I'm also super excited that I was still able to test the pattern, despite being 16 weeks pregnant at the time!!  I'm now 20 weeks pregnant, and baby is due at the very end of December this year :)

When the Closet Core team emailed me to ask if I wanted to test their new pattern, I made sure to let them know I was pregnant with an expanding waistline and that while I would love to test the pattern, I might make some adjustments to keep the pattern maternity friendly so I can still wear it over the next few months.  Since part of testing a pattern is about making sure the fit is spot-on, I would have totally understood if that wasn't what they were looking for and I was happy to wait for the official pattern release.  I was SO stoked when Alexis emailed me back saying they would still love for me to test the pattern, maternity adjustments and all.  So here we are!  Presenting the Closet Core Elodie Wrap Dress - Maternity Edition!

I made "View A" with short sleeves, and the midi-length skirt.  The fabric I used was this gorgeous green mid-weight viscose-linen blend from Fabrications Ottawa.  The fabric has just enough weight and the perfect amount of drape for this pattern. [...]

I made a straight size 16 from the 14-30 size range with the D-cup bodice.  As far as alterations go, I kept things fairly simple!  First, I shortened the bodice by 1.5", so the waistband fit right under my bust line.  This took a bit of fiddling, but I managed to shorten the bodice and the facing piece while maintaining the nice curved neckline with few issues.  Second, to add some more room in the front of the skirt for my growing belly, I slashed & spread along the front part of the pattern piece, adding 5" to the waist seam where I then added gathers.  5" miiight have been a bit much, but as my belly grows, we'll see!  

I started sewing this pattern just as my sew-jo was starting to come back after a rough first trimester filled with nausea and some serious exhaustion, and it was exactly the kick in the butt I needed to get back to the machine.  Thanks CCP Team!  I find the Elodie to be the perfect mix of being a relatively quick sew, with nice details that take things up a notch and add a bit more of a challenge.  I haven't sewn darts like this before, but I love the effect they have.  There is plenty of coverage with the skirt, and you definitely won't flash anyone when you sit down, or if the wind picks up ;) 

Once again, the CCP Team have seriously knocked one out of the park, and I'm so excited to finally be able to share my tester version of the Elodie Wrap Dress!

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