We might be a week and a bit into the month already... but my friend Kate (@ilovecupkates) came up with this great idea to stick to only sewing what she has in her stash for the whole month of September.  I decided to join her in this pledge since I too, have an overflowing stash of fabric!

Lots of sewists have a self-imposed #fabricbuyingban from time to time, but we thought, “why not make this into a monthly challenge?!”  And so, we have #sewyourstashseptember!!  

We want this challenge to be open-ended, so you don’t have to put a total ban on your fabric buying for the month if you don’t want to.  We all know there are sometimes some killer sales you just have to take advantage of!!  This challenge is meant to make you take a closer look at what you already have, and maybe fall back in love with some fabric you bought years ago and never used.

So!  Take a look through the piles of fabric you already have, and make your own #sewyourstashseptember pledge!

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