Felt Enamel Pin Display

Here we have it - my first make of 2018!  It was a really simple one and only took me about 45 minutes... while I was waiting for my delivery sushi to arrive, ha! 

I have been collecting a bunch of enamel pins since they became popular, and until now most of them have lived on my denim jacket... which really only gets worn for a short period in the spring/ summer before it gets too hot, and then again for a week or two in the fall.  I don't want to put them in other jackets (like my Kelly Anorak) and ruin the fabric, and I definitely won't punch them through my beloved Roots leather purses!  I had seen a tutorial on Sew Mama Sew for making a shadow box display... but I didn't really like having to keep the backs in a jar.  BUT, the other day Devon from Miss Make posted a fantastic idea on her Instagram... making a hanging felt flag!  This solves the problem of storing the backs!  Also... felt and a dowel is WAY cheaper than a $20 shadowbox.  So... here's my version:

I'm so pleased with how this turned out!  Once I get my sewing room re-do done, I'll get this up on the wall.  Click on through for more photos and a quick summary of how I made this [...]
For the supplies, I stopped by Michaels on my way home from work to pick up the felt ($0.50 a 9"x12" sheet, I got two sheets) and some dowels (a pack of 6, 12" long for $5.50).  So... the grand total for this project was only $1.92!!  A shadow box would have cost at least $20!  I'll use the rest of the dowels for something I'm sure... maybe I'll try my hand at some of those weaving wall hangings that were all the rage last year?

Anyways!  I didn't want to make my pin display the exact same shape as Devon's so I went for the inverted chevron on mine.  I measured up 4" from the centre bottom, and cut through both layers with the pinking blade of my rotary cutter.  I know the felt wasn't going to fray... but I really like the look of the pinked edges.

I attached the two pieces with embroidery floss, with a nice long backstitch.  The dowel is hung with braided floss.  I made it a bit long... so I tied a knot in the top.

Putting on the pins was easy-peasy, and now I can actually admire them, instead of knowing they're just attached to my denim jacket in the closet.

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