Polka-Dot Chambray Fen Dress

The Fen Dress!  Also know as the most comfiest lounge-iest dress I now have in my wardrobe!  Like most of the things I'm finally getting around to blogging, I made this dress a couple months ago.  The Fen Pattern is from Fancy Tiger Crafts.

The pattern has a few options - you can either make a dress or a top, with two neckline variations, two sleeve options, and a few hemline options for the skirt.  I went with the rounded neckline, short sleeves, and the shirt-tail hem.  Instead of making my own bias binding, I used the 1/2" store-bought stuff in royal blue.  More on that later!

I love the pockets on this dress!  They're nice a big, and hit at just the right spot.  Great for carrying around my phone and some change for the ice-cream truck! (true story - I was hanging around the house, heard the jingle, threw this on and ran out the door!)

I'm not overly pleased with my choice to use the store-bought binding.  It made for a somewhat bulky neckline which doesn't lay as flat as I'd like.  It was also a bit stiff for working around the shirt-tail hem.  Oh well!  It doesn't look terrible and this is a lazy summer dress, so I'll give it a pass.  Just something to keep in mind for the next version of this dress.  

Another thing - if I make this dress again, I might take it in a little bit at the armpits and add an elastic to the waist.  I like the boxy look, but this might be a bit too boxy.  It definitely makes me look bigger than I am, so does look better when I add a belt. 

It hasn't really been warm enough to wear it around much, but it did get some wear during MMMay16 on lazy weekends.  I'm looking forward to have this hanging in the closet ready for the hot & humid days to come!

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