Comfy Cozy Hudson Pants

Last weekend I whipped up a pair of True Bias Patterns' Hudson Pants.  I had seen these pants all over the sewing blogosphere, and have only heard great things!  Appropriate sweat-pants fabric is kinda hard to come by (and crazy expensive!) here in Ottawa for some reason, so I waited until there was a sale at Fabricland.  I managed to get 2m of thick sweatshirt knit for $33!  Woo!  I'll be able to get two pairs out of the cut.

This pattern was super easy, and really well laid out.  I think I had these done in about an hour! Overall, I'm mostly pleased with how these turned out.  The fabric I chose is a bit thick for the pattern, and I'm not totally in love with the teal ponti de roma I used for the contrast bits.  Oh well! These are mostly meant for bumming around the house and wearing over tights on the way to derby practice.  I also didn't make the elastic waist quite tight enough, and didn't include the waist tie.  I might go back and fix that later, but for now the pants are fine.

I have enough of the sweatshirt knit left over for another pair, plus some bamboo rayon, so hopefully the next couple pairs work out better!  They're definitely nice to change in to when I get home from work.

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