Navy Herringbone Emery Dress

Starting the new year off with a new dress.  I whipped this Emery Dress up in a couple days, so I could have something new to wear back to work on Monday.  I used the same pattern for my Party Dress, but this time it was so much easier since I was working with cottons.

I used a lovely navy herringbone chambray I bought from the workroom during their Black Friday sale back in November.  I bought two other fabrics from them that I'll be making more Emery dresses with.  I am seriously in love with this pattern!

If you haven't tried the Emery Dress pattern yet, I would highly recommend that you add it to your list.  Also - it has pockets!  You can never go wrong with pockets in a dress.  This pattern fits so well, with no adjustments necessary.  Mind you, I'm lucky that my measurements fit pretty well into the sizes.  (I made a size 12 for reference).  The bust darts went a bit higher than I intended, and I tried to un-pick the first one I messed up... but the fabric was having none of it, and I didn't have enough left to cut out a new bodice front.  I'll make sure to be more careful next time.
The fabric I used was super soft, albeit a bit on the thin side.  I lined the dress with navy quilting cotton - which also provided a bit more structure in the bodice.
Anyways, not much else to say about this dress - it's so comfortable, and plain enough that I can dress it up with a variety of accessories.


  1. red accessories would look great too! well done!

    1. Ooh! That would look nice :) Thanks Sandy!