The Great Closet Clean-out

In preparation for this project, I went through all (and I mean ALL) of my clothing items to figure out what I really need to sew for myself over this coming year.

This also involved getting rid of anything that no longer fit, didn't look good, things I didn't like, and things I just don't wear any longer.  Since having a regular income after graduating university, I've had a bit of what you might call a shopping addiction.  Yeah, not great.  I would stop by the mall on my way home from work, and more often then not come home with a new clothing item (or three).  It is certainly not something I'm proud of, and my bursting closet was getting out of control.  Apologies for the low-quality photos... it was the evening and I was in a sorting mood - good lighting be damnned!  Here are the before photos with (almost) all of the clothing items I owned pre-purge:

It's a little hard to tell from the photos, but that pile is roughly a foot high... and covers the entirety of our queen bed.  As I said... I'm really not proud of this.

Bonus photo - my (side of the) empty closet.  So many dang hangers!  You can kinda see my (my dad's) UofG Engineers hockey jersey - this obviously is staying!

Going through everything, I made five (5) piles:
  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Garbage
  • Alter/ mend
  • Maybe
Although a bit stressful, it was SO liberating to get rid of items that no longer fit and that I wasn't comfortable in.  I made small piles of things that were just too ratty to donate and really should have been turfed from my closet long ago, and things that I still like but need to be altered or mended.  I had a small pile of "maybes" (mostly things I had made, but not longer wore) and I'm happy to say most of them ended up in the donate pile.  After the sort, I ended up with five (yes, five) medium-sized bags of clothing to donate, one for the garbage, and kept roughly a quarter of my original wardrobe.

Goodbye old things!  I won't miss you!

The things I kept - neatly folded on the bed.  Also, what sits in my closet now - just a fraction of what was in there before!  Everything else fits nicely into two dresser drawers.

Before the sorting, I had all my cardigans hanging up... which was leading to them having funny-shaped shoulders after getting stretched out by the hangers.  Now they fit in my drawers!  Also, getting dressed in the morning for work is soo much easier, as I only have things in my closet that actually fit, and that I really like.

Next project on the list is to figure out exactly what I need for the upcoming season - and to get sewing!  

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