The Tools

Here's what I'll be working with over the coming year.  Click on the pictures for a better view.

Here's an overall shot of my tiny sewing corner:

My husband and I live in a small two-bedroom apartment, so we share the second tiny bedroom for our hobby-spaces.  Often I have to spread out onto the floor to cut fabric or pin together larger pieces, but it works!  I have some fabric storage under the left-hand side of my table, as well as a giant bin under the bed.  Oh, and other pieces stashed here and there throughout the apartment!

Most important, my 1980's Singer sewing machine:

she's a beaut!

It might only have straight stitches and zig-zags, but it gets the job done!

Newly acquired (thanks husband - great birthday present!) - a Singer Finishing Touch Serger!

I'm still learning to use this... it still has the demo thread on it!  Once I get the hang of it, this machine will definitely come in handy.

A refurbished hand-me-down adjustable dress form:

I got this dress from from one of my husband's coworkers since she wasn't using it anymore.  It was in rough shape, so I took off the old covering and re-covered it with quilt batting and some fresh fabric.  If you look closely, the pattern on the fabric is outlines of pattern pieces.  Love it!  I'll post some photos of the re-furb process at some point.

A super-great iron:

A wonderful top-of-the-line Rowenta.  Definitely money well spent!

Cutting tools and a self-healing cutting mat:

Thread snips, regular scissors, pinking shears, dressmaker's shears, various rotary-cutters.

Other handy items:

Pins, various needles, seam ripper (very handy), marking chalk.

Some rulers:

Well, thats about all!  If I pick up anything else that I find useful I'll post it here.  If there are any sewing items that you can't live without, leave a comment below!

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